There’s Always a First Time

I have thought about doing this a few times already but I always end up having none. I love taking pictures and I always wanted to talk about the stories or memories behind it.

I’m spending much effort on my instagram account instead ‘coz I find it easier to use and I can post photos I captured from wherever places I have been with just putting a brief caption on it. You can check it here.

Anyway, this blog will be more about my travels with the best partner I ever had. He’s actually the reason I was able to go to different places and have an adventure that I will never regret. He’s definitely my partner in crime!

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

The photo above was obviously taken from our recent getaway in Malaysia. I will post about it soon! 😂😆😉

I just don’t promise to have this blog updated most of the time ‘coz we travel occassionally. 😊



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