Bye MNL! Hello SIN!

So I was thinking on what to post and I thought it would be great to start on how I end up here in Singapore. I consider this as my first travel abroad anyway.

Taken inside TigerAir plane


When I graduated back in 2012, I immediately worked in a well-knowned company, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) in Makati, Philippines for 2 years. The same place where I met my partner, Jason, whom I call “Mahal. ” Yeah, a bit cheesy right?

We were past our 2nd year in the said company when we decided to let go of it and try applying for another job. Funny thing was that he just saw a very cheap flight to Singapore which we booked! We decided to resign after that and rendered a month before going off to show respect for the company who hired us. 😉

‼️‼️‼️Please don’t ever ever ever try to do the same as we did. Resigning on your current job and flying abroad to do a jobhunt is totally 500% risky!!!

Marina Bay Sands Hotel


We arrived in Singapore around November 2014 not knowing what’s ahead of us. It was challenging, stressful, but partly exciting for the adventures. To cut it short, we both did it and we got hired in Marina Bay Sands Hotel. But hey, it was never easy!!! It was like the greatest drama of my life – crying here and there, non-stop hoping and praying, trying to be strong even if you’re feeling down inside etc.

View from Sky Park-Observation Deck at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


But then, all the hardships we’ve been through has been paid off. Thank God we survived almost 2 years working abroad. Now, we’re looking at 3 more years here in Singapore…thankful ‘coz I’ll be able to continue supporting my family and save more for my future but partly sad because it means we’ll be away for another 3 years from our families.

Nonetheless, God has always been there with his plans. Whatever it is, I know it’s working and it provides a lot of blessings!

I will be sharing a glimpse of Singapore on my next post, more on the first few ones I took 2 years ago. Ciao!



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